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Best Korea Brands 2016 Visual Identity

The visual motif for 2016 Best Korea Brands derives its inspiration from the way great brands and strong business expand their circle of influence, gradually becoming a larger part of our lives. The WAVES of GROWTH also symbolizes the unique ways each brand GROWS in the market. Some do this by collaborating beyond industries, some through a seamlessly integrated experience, some by boldly venturing to new geographies, some by introducing products/services faster than anyone else … Every brand deserves the opportunity to GROW to its full potential. The WAVES of GROWTH is Interbrand’s promise to provide optimized solutions which help brands and business GROW to their fullest potential.

Years of Project: 2016 Client(s): Interbrand Seoul Outcome(s): Visual Identity System Collaborator(s): Uzin Hwang, Kriss Gim, Myunghwan Nah Designed at: Interbrand