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Samyang Corporate Identity Renewal Proposal

A design proposal for Samyang Corporation identity Renewal Project. Samyang Corporation is one of the largest corporations in Korea with over 90 years of history while the company is often  misunderstood and misrecognised by public as the same company as ‘Samyang Food’ which manufactures bestselling ‘Samyang Ramen’. Therefore, the goal of the project was to raise awareness of Samyang Corporation in general public.  As a design solution, our proposal was to use the parallel lines from the logo as a secondary graphic device, presenting company’s message that they have been everywhere closed to us in our daily lives and our society.

Years of Project: 2014 Client(s): Samyang Corp. Outcome(s): Corporate Identity Design Proposal Collaborator(s): Uzin Hwang, Jinyoung Lee, Designed at: Interbrand Korea